We offer a broad selection of sleek and functional accessories, designed to be used across the entire CHAT BOARD® collection while providing the best possible user-experience and making the most of each of our products.

All of our pens have been specially developed for use on glass, ensuring that writing and illustrations are clearly visible on the smooth surface. Regardless of whether you opt for the dry erase markers, which work best on boards in lighter colours, or our neon pens, which stand out against even the darkest background.

The CHAT BOARD® magnets are extra strong and specially developed to adhere through glass, while still being able to hold up to 15 sheets of A4 paper.

Make the most of your CHAT BOARD® product with one of our Starter Sets, each providing everything needed to get off to the best possible start. And with 9 different combinations available, each with a unique selection of pens, magnets and erasers, there is every opportunity to find the perfect pairing for your specific needs.


We recommend that you always use CHAT BOARD® pens and magnets with our products

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