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CHAT BOARD Dynamic Wood Acoustic Full Coverage and Shelf in Oak with Black glass


Created by Claus Brandt-Jakobsen, CHAT BOARD® Dynamic bridges the gap between essential workspace fittings and full-fledged furniture in an ingenious framework design, developed to provide flexible, free-flowing, and multifunctional dimensions to professional, educational, and creative spaces.

Timeless and adaptable by nature, Dynamic was built to accommodate a working world of a digital age, but it was shaped by a profound appreciation of the fundamentally human need to express itself through analogue means.

The Dynamic collection carefully translates three key themes and two base varieties into six different self-contained units, each offering a series of features and functions that allow it to stand proudly and purposefully on its own, or to partner up with one or more companions to sculpt and define changeable spaces within spaces.

Inviting architects and space planners to create individual and bespoke solutions, Dynamic offers a wide range of combinations, spanning across a variety of materials, finish textures and colour options.


CHAT BOARD Dynamic key theme overview - detail




CHAT BOARD Dynamic Wood Acoustic Full Coverage in white spruce and Pure White glass


CHAT BOARD Dynamic Woody Acoustic Shelf Oak with Pure White glass

I. Dynamic Wood Acoustic


Dynamic Wood Acoustic combines the noble elegance of carefully composed, solid wood slat surfaces with the soft efficiency of acoustic felt, exquisitely contrasting the smoothness of the glass board.

Choose between the Full Coverage and Shelf version, or combine the two for a multi-dimensional, spatial experience.


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CHAT BOARD Dynamic Fabric Acoustic Full Coverage interior image


CHAT BOARD Dynamic Fabric Acoustic Shelf White Spruce with Pure White glass

II. Dynamic Fabric Acoustic


Dynamic Fabric Acoustic is seriously dedicated to sound reduction, incorporating class A acoustic panels, beautifully covered in a choice of sexily sustainable fabrics, and creating the perfect balance between surface textures.

Go for the full acoustic power player with Full Coverage and add the Shelf version for 360° performance.


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CHAT BOARD Dynamic Wood Veneer Full Coverage interior image


CHAT BOARD Dynamic Wood Veneer Shelf interior image

III. Dynamic Wood Veneer


Dynamic Wood Veneer celebrates the warm and comforting solidity of this favourite material, elegantly framing the glass, while cleverly providing the option of incorporating a flat screen for a visually appealing solution that accommodates both analogue and digital demands.

Achieve wall-to-wall functionality by merging the Full Coverage and the Shelf version.


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CHAT BOARD Dynamic base varieties


CHAT BOARD Dynamic Full Coverage overview image

Full Coverage


The Dynamic Full Coverage variants are all created to deliver full-scale, mobile room dividing performance with a built-in writable glass board on one side, and your choice of functional surface on the other.


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CHAT BOARD Dynamic Shelf overview



The Dynamic Shelf variants ingeniously combine the agile flexibility of a movable partition wall with a useful shelving system to provide equal parts storage and writing surface in a design where one side mirrors the other for double-sided benefit.


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CHAT BOARD Dynamic unit overview




Claus Brandt-Jakobsen Claus Brandt-Jakobsen


Originally a cabinetmaker by training, Claus Brandt-Jakobsen graduated from the renowned Danish School of Design in 2004 and has since continued to cement his position as one of the major forces to be reckoned with on the Danish design scene.

Having headed the design department at HAY as Design Manager for eight years before going on to work for Muuto as Product Manager for another three years, Claus Brandt-Jakobsen has played a key role in the rejuvenation of the Danish furniture and design industry, creating an impressive portfolio of modern design classics.

In 2015 Brandt-Jakobsen teamed up with long-time friend and fellow Design School graduate, Jens Kajus, founding Copenhagen design studio, Million, where their shared ideals of creating pieces that are carefully adapted to human scale, using only materials of unrivalled quality with a precise design aesthetic has given birth to numerous signature designs that continue to find their way into prestigious projects across the globe.

Since 2021, Claus Brandt-Jakobsen has divided his time between Million and CHAT BOARD as Head of Design, spearheading the company’s journey towards a wholly design focused approach to its dedicated mission to bring out beautiful, innovative, and functional solutions to a working world in constant motion.











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