Custom glass board solutions | CHAT BOARD®

We offer custom glass board solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements - the perfect tailored result according to your choice and an alternative to traditional whiteboards.

CHAT BOARD® - Bespoke

Design your own CHAT BOARD® magnetic glass board

We have extensive experience in providing custom designed whiteboard solutions, which allows you to design your own CHAT BOARD® magnetic glass memo board. We can apply your own branding to the CHAT BOARD® magnetic glass boards, incorporate bespoke planners, and make a specific size or colour exactly aligned with your office.

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    In addition to colours and sizes we can also arrange to have custom graphics or images printed when you design your own CHAT BOARD® magnetic glass board.

    Over the years, we have provided custom solutions for a broad range of customer groups including advertising, creative environments, corporates, consulting, hotels, restaurants, universities, schools, kindergardens, healthcare and nursing homes.