The Brand Story: Means of Expression

Our glass board products provide brand new possibilities in combining decoration and design of modern corporate headquarters and private homes.

CHAT BOARD® | Brand Story


CHAT BOARD® - Means of Expression:

CHAT BOARD® products are multi-functional magnetic glass writing boards. They give you the possibility to express yourself in words and writing, collect information, organize and plan.

CHAT BOARD® products are also expressions themselves; The distinct design, the great variety of colours and the elegant surface have made these the preferred choice in offices, show rooms and private households all over the world. CHAT BOARD® represents the qualities and values that have made Danish design so famous and in strong demand globally.

CHAT BOARD® gives you the solution to a challenge: The creation of a room that allows you to express yourself in the exact way you wish to and to perfectly match your own identity and your company’s corporate design.